Tuesday July 13, 2021

COLUMBUS, OHIO — The state of Ohio is getting a boost from Biodiesel, with two new biofuel companies ramping up production, as well as the importing and exporting of this essential, fuel for a greener tomorrow.

Clean Air Biodiesel | Ohio’s Newest Biofuel Production Plant — Manufacturing Clean, Green Renewable Energy

Clean Air Biodiesel is the name of the company planning a new plant in Columbus to produce biodiesel from virgin and reclaimed oils. Global Biodiesel Trading, a related but separate company, will specialize in import and export of both feedstock and biofuels.

Global Biodiesel Trading | International Importer and Exporter of Biofuels and Feedstocks

Production of this green, renewable diesel will bring new jobs to the area, as well as contributing to Ohio’s cleaner, greener future. Facilities will be scaled to produce more than 10 million gallons annually of renewable biodiesel, while creating more than 50 new jobs for Columbus.

These two businesses will reside in more than 20,000 square feet located at 31 Merritt Street. The Columbus production plant, offices and warehouse location was chosen for its proximity to Ohio’s railways and interstate highways.

New Headquarters of Clean Air Biodiesel Group & Global Biodiesel Trading at 31 Merritt Street, Columbus, OH

Global Biodiesel Trading will specialize in commodity supply, trading and logistics.

Clean Air Biodiesel will focus of creation of ATSM certified biodiesel for all forms of transportation, using an organic chemistry process, known as Transesterification.

Global Biodiesel Trading expands the commitment from our family of companies to reduce carbon emissions and expand the use of alternative fuels” said Bruce Burke, Director of Marketing for the companies.

Clean Air Biodiesel | Biodiesel Production in Columbus, Ohio — Plans For 10M+ Gallons Produced Annually

Clean Air Biodiesel plans to commence operations in the fall of 2021. Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable fuel manufactured from virgin vegetable oils, animal fats or recycled restaurant oils. Biodiesel meets both the biomass-based diesel and overall advanced biofuel requirement of the federal government’s Renewable Fuel Standard.

“We’re actively seeking out and engaging with feedstock suppliers, and other vendors, as well as planning an oil reclamation project for restaurants and other companies with waste vegetable oil in the greater Columbus area,” reports Burke, “our production process makes renewable diesel chemically identical to petroleum diesel with significant improvements in environmental performancedue to its drop in carbon emissions.”

Production Utilizes Organic Chemistry to Make Renewable Diesel — Chemically Identical to Petroleum Diesel

“When considering the environmental benefits and performance enhancements of renewable diesel,” he continued. “The creation of these two new organizations is a long-term win, for not only the companies involved, but also for Ohio consumers and our environment. Demand for this greener fuel product in North America is expected to increase from 1 Billion gallons to 2.4 Billion gallons annuallyby 2025.”


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We are Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer. We are scaling our new Columbus facility to produce more than 25 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel annually.

We are Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer. We are scaling our new Columbus facility to produce more than 25 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel annually.