Both Clean Air Biodiesel Group, and the Clean Fuels Ohio Coalition are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio

COLUMBUS, OHIO — The State of Ohio will soon be cleaner, and greener thanks to the combined efforts of Clean Air Biodiesel and the Clean Fuels Ohio organization in the State’s Capitol. Clean Fuels Ohio is a member of the National Clean Cities Coalition that works to support energy and economic security through partnerships that advance affordable, efficient, and beneficial domestic transportation fuels, technologies, and mobility systems.

Clean Fuels Ohio is among the top of nearly 100 U.S. national coalitions that provide unbiased resources and information to stakeholders. Clean Fuels Ohio provides insight on transportation solutions that will allow fleets and other implementers to achieve their goals around alternative fuels, sustainability, fuel-savings strategies, and mobility solutions.

Clean Fuels Ohio Strives To Make Your Communities Healthy and More Prosperous

Clean Air Biodiesel joins the group as a gold level member of the organization along with other leaders like Duke Energy, Honda, Cummins, Ohio Soybean Council, General Motors, RNG Coalition, American Biogas Council, Propane Education Resource Council, Franklin County, the cities of Cleveland, Dublin, and Delaware, as well as the City of Columbus, Ohio.

Rachel Ellenberger, Clean Fuels Ohio Coalition

“We’re so excited to have Clean Air Biodiesel Group join Clean Fuels Ohio as a member,” said Rachel Ellenberger, Director of Business Development and Communications, Clean Fuels Ohio. “As a fuel and technology inclusive organization, we are happy to work with a wide and diverse group of members that touch every corner of the transportation sustainability industry,” she reported. “Biodiesel is an important solution to help fleets and other implementers achieve significant emissions reductions in a very cost-effective way. We can’t wait to see all we can achieve through this new partnership!”

Clean Fuels Ohio assists member businesses, organizations, and governments in unlocking educational resources, networking opportunities, and complimentary services that simultaneously improve both the local economy and the environment. The Clean Fuels Ohio organization is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Their mission is to improve air quality and health, reduce environmental pollution, strengthen Ohio’s economy, and enhance our nation’s energy security.

A National Network of Local Coalitions

“We’re aware of some great organizations that we could join forces with to help reduce carbon emissions in the state of Ohio, but we reached out to Clean Fuels Ohio first,” said Bruce Burke, Director of Marketing for Clean Air Biodiesel. “Their association with the U.S. National Clean Cities Coalition is of great importance to us,” he continued. “As we build and expand our enterprise the Clean Cities groups will become extremely important, we want to align ourselves with the nation’s largest collection of advocates for advancing clean fuels.”

Clean Air’s new facility will house waste oil recycling, biodiesel production, warehousing and distribution.

In addition to joining Clean Fuels Ohio, Clean Air Biodiesel recently announced a waste cooking oil reclamation and recycling program for the City of Columbus. Clean Air is Ohio’s newest Biodiesel Producer with a new 30,000 square foot facility opening in the fall of 2021.

The new headquarters at 31 Merritt Street in Columbus will house the waste oil collection program, the biodiesel production line, administrative offices as well as warehousing and product distribution. Restaurants, food trucks, and other businesses who need pickup services can contact Clean Air via their website at Clean Air company will also be erecting well-lit, 24 hour, waste cooking oil collection bins around Columbus, and outside their headquarters for drop-off.

About Clean Air Biodiesel Group

Clean Air Biodiesel is Ohio’s newest Biodiesel producer. Clean Air is are scaling the production facility to produce more than 25 million gallons of Biodiesel annually. Biodiesel is a clean fuel that doesn’t release harmful pollutants into our air. Clean Air Biodiesel Group is committed to doing their part in cleaning up the City of Columbus and helping the State of Ohio achieve this same goal.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR INQUIRY | Media Contact: Bruce Burke, Director of Marketing, Clean Air Biodiesel Group. Telephone: +1 (727) 612–5775 |

About Clean Fuels Ohio

Clean Fuels Ohio strives to make your communities healthy and more prosperous. Clean Fuels facilitates development of statewide infrastructure to support advanced fuels. The organization prioritizes equity in the environmental industry, working at the local, state, and federal levels to support and create policy that ensures environmental benefits are economic benefits.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR INQUIRY | Contact: Rachel Ellenberger, Director of Business Development and Communications, Clean Fuels Ohio. Telephone: +1 (614) 884–7336 ext. 310 | 3240 West Henderson Road, Suite A Columbus, Ohio 43220.




We are Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer. We are scaling our new Columbus facility to produce more than 25 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel annually.

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Clean Air Biodiesel

Clean Air Biodiesel

We are Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer. We are scaling our new Columbus facility to produce more than 25 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel annually.

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