The State of Ohio will soon be cleaner, and greener thanks to a new waste oil reclamation, and recycling program being launched in the State’s Capitol.

Clean Air Biodiesel (CAB) is the company rolling out this powerful new initiative for the City of Columbus and ramping their fleet up to provide service to surrounding areas.

The program is being setup using guidelines provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Federal EPA program guidelines may be found at

Clean Air Biodiesel — Oil Reclamation and Recycling Program For Ohio

Used and waste cooking oils will be reclaimed by the Clean Air company, then recycled and transformed into a plant-based fuel known as Biodiesel. An organic chemistry process, known as Transesterification, is used to convert the discarded, used oil into a clean burning, non-polluting diesel fuel.

“We’re helping clean up the city in two ways,” explains Bruce Burke, Director of Marketing for CAB. “First we are collecting used cooking oils that could end up in the city’s sewer system, and landfills”. He added “More importantly, we are turning that waste oil into a clean-burning fuel that power the big engines that move our people, and goods, as well as providing services to our community.”

Clean Air Biodiesel — Oil Reclamation and Recycling Program — Tanker Truck Number One

Clean Air Biodiesel is acquiring a fleet of vehicles, with Tanker #1 starting service in August. The company is launching an outreach program to restaurants, and surrounding cities, as well as, housing, and apartment communities for the collection of used oil.

People in the community will be able to drop off their used cooking oil, with clean, well-lit reclamation bins being erected outside the new headquarters at 31 Merritt Street. Interested parties can sign up on the company’s website for waste oil pickup service. The signup form is available at

Clean Air Biodiesel New 30,000 Square Foot Production Facility, Offices, Warehouse, and Storage Facility

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which can be used to change the world.” Clean Air Biodiesel wants to educate concerned citizens, the local community, and area government officials about the potential power that can be harnessed by reclaiming, and recycling this otherwise harmful, and useless waste oil.

Using their proprietary process, all collected waste oil will be purified, processed, and polished by Clean Air into B100 certified biodiesel, which meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D-6751 production specification. Demand for this green fuel product in North America is expected to increase from 1 billion gallons to 2.4 billion gallons annually by 2025.

Clean Air Biodiesel Group, LLC — Ohio;s Newest Producer — Fighting Climate Change, One Gallon At A Time


Clean Air Biodiesel (CAB) is Ohio’s newest Biodiesel Producer. The company’s new 30,000 square foot headquarters is ramping up production to manufacturer up to 20 million gallons annually. In addition to biofuel production, Clean Air is the area’s premier waste oil reclamation and recycling company.

Based in Columbus, we are helping to clean up the state of Ohio. We transform this waste oil to produce biofuels to help power and heat Ohio businesses, and homes. Using an organic chemistry process called transesterification, we turn waste vegetable oil into a greener fuel called Biodiesel.

Clean Air Biodiesel Is Reclaiming And Recycling Waste Cooking Oil And Transforming It Into Biodiesel Fuel

Help us clean up Ohio! Contact us today to learn more about our oil reclamation project for the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio. Waste cooking oil is the by-product of running a popular eatery. However, most restaurateurs are busy with their customers and don’t have time to worry about this aspect of their business.

But it does have eviromental impact, and thats where we come in. Clean Air Biodiesel’s end-to-end managed oil collection and recycling program simplifies the process and significantly contributes to a clean, greener tomorrow. Our uniformed, professionally trained, and licensed operators utilize the best tools, and techniques to cleanly and effectively collect your your used cooking oil.

The Federal Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines and regulations are closely followed to assure our customers of a positive experience. With your help we all can look forward to a cleaner, and greener state. Clean Air Biodiesel is a gold level member of the Clean Fuels Ohio initiative.


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We are Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer. We are scaling our new Columbus facility to produce more than 25 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel annually.