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Carbon Footprint — Clean Air Biodiesel Group — Nicholas Wettee — The Clean Air Journal

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, The Clean Air Journal. In this journal I will be writing about building my new company, the Clean Air Biodiesel Group, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

This is the first of many journal entries I will write as I build this organization.

My intention is to share my experiences in building the company, explain what we are doing, and how the use of biofuels can significantly improve your bottom line, while expanding green initiatives to further the future of our planet.

Although we focused on biodiesel, we support all green initiatives around the world.

Diesel engines power the world’s commerce — We want to promote the usage of higher biodiesel blends

As new initiatives are promoting the use of electric cars in the consumer market, the biodiesel industry is primarily focused on the big engines that move people and goods around the world. Diesel engines are the backbone of many industries, and we feel now is the time to make the push for greater uptake of biodiesel.

You see, as EV initiatives are promoted it will take almost a decade before electric reaches the tipping point and become the primary cars on the road. We still have about 10 years of gas-powered vehicles on the road. Having more electric cars is good, but how was the electricity being produced? The more solar, and other green electric power generators we can use the better.

This will greatly reduce the carbon footprint resulting from gasoline powered cars.

But diesel has barely made a dent in reduction of carbon emissions. I think it will be at least eight to ten years for electric motors to start replacing the diesel engines that power the world. From production to destruction — the world relies on diesel to get the big jobs done.

Our mission is to be an advocate for all green initiatives, but primarily to promote the use of biodiesel. We want to foster the uptake of more B100, and B50 fuel for new diesel engines.

Biodiesel burns clean, provides better mileage, and been proven to reduce engine wear.

The Clean Air Biodiesel Group — Combatting Climate Change — One Gallon At A Time — The Clean Air Journal

B20 is a great start and is helping fuel costs low but we need to do more. We need to develop greater usage of biodiesel across all industries, and advocate usage of higher percentage blends of biodiesel. The move to B50 and B100 would be a great advancement.

But our plan is two-fold, at the same time we are forming a used cooking oil reclamation and recycling program in Columbus, Ohio and will soon be expanding to neighboring cities. But we are not just focused on the usual collection spots like restaurants and food trucks.

We are also creating a network of used cooking oil reclamation bins throughout the city at apartment and housing complexes, neighborhood centers and more.

Diesel engines power business and transportation services around the globe. Let’s reduce their carbon output!

We want to involve every citizen, organization and government branch in this program and turn the waste that would normally wind up in the cities drainage system or local landfill and turn it into clean, green-burning fuel.

Biodiesel is endorsed by the U.S. Federal government, all major manufacturers, and leading engineers, chemists, and scientists agree that Biodiesel is good for our equipment as well as our environment.

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African Proverb: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The Clean Air Biodiesel Group — Columbus Ohio — Fighting Climate Change One Gallon At A Time!



Clean Air Biodiesel

We are Ohio’s newest biodiesel producer. We are scaling our new Columbus facility to produce more than 25 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel annually.